ICHOM Webinar Benchmarking Outcomes: Building a continuous learning system that enables identification of best practices, setting concrete targets, and drives change

22 September 2021
17:00-19:00 CET


The webinar will provide insight and practical examples on how organisations compare patient-reported outcomes locally and globally to drive improvements in patient care and continuous learning health systems via learning and sharing of best practices between organisations. The webinar will highlight the examples of patients’ care continuous quality improvement as a result of benchmarking.

The panel of expert speakers will share their experiences and expertise on:

  • Using data to establish a continuous learning system that is continually working to optimise outcomes for patients
  • Staying up-to-date with the industry: learning about the most effective methodologies and innovative technologies used to optimise care
  • Mitigating key risks associated with benchmarking e.g. case-mix fallacy, underreporting, risk of comparing non-comparable hospitals, selection bias, ensuring the protection of patients’ data
  • Specific examples of using benchmarking to improve patients’ care by adopting best strategies used by organisations worldwide.
  • Reviewing and articulating strategy regularly and if necessary altering goals
  • Continually review benchmarking results to understand if the organisation is progressing toward it’s value-based healthcare strategic goals

Who should attend and why:

Health care professionals and multidisciplinary teams
  • Using data to establish a continuous learning system cycle that is continually working to optimise patients’ outcomes
  • Inspire and learn from each other best practices to improve patients’ care
  • Hear real life examples of how organisations share patient-reported outcome data to advance their approach to patient-centred care
  • Hear and understand patients’ perspectives and experiences
Patients and Patient Representatives
  • Hear real life examples of how benchmarking and shared learning can improve patients’ outcomes and quality of care
  • Understand how and why your reported outcome data is being processed and shared with ogranisations while protecting your personal data
  • Get your voice heard
Government, policymakers and industry regulators
  • Gain insight into how organisations can improve patients’ care and outcomes by adopting ICHOM Standard Sets
  • Learn how government changing policy and regulation can facilitate value-based healthcare for improving patients’ outcomes
  • Identify barriers to outcomes benchmarking and policies to encourage and facilitate sharing of outcomes data to drive improvement
  • Learn and understand care providers’ and patients’ needs
  • Meet healthcare experts and network
  • Learn about current and future benchmarking networks and how the industry could benefit for research and value based remuneration agreements
  • Understand the variation in outcomes in targeted patient groups
  • Understand how benchmarking can help test the effects of the new treatment in real life