Financial Webinar Series – Appropriate Care in the NHS – Analysing clinical process and practice variation within and between trusts

5 October 2021
11:00 - 12:00 BST


Join our Financial Webinar on Tuesday 5th October, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm BST on the topic of Appropriate Care.

The focus of this webinar is to demonstrate how you can improve medical care and bring down costs in your NHS Trust by reducing unwarranted variations in the way care is delivered. We believe this is a challenge all healthcare providers and decision-makers face​ as a result of the shift to Integrated Care Systems, inherently approaching healthcare from a more regional perspective.

LOGEX will help you take the first step in reducing your unwarranted variation, starting with a critical assessment of treatment options and care processes from a patient pathway perspective. This will help create insight on the effects of the ongoing healthcare reform as laid out in the NHS Long Term Plan.


Olivier van Rijssenbeek

MD, Senior associate at LOGEX

Edward Fong-San-Pin

Associate at LOGEX

Phil Garland

Managing Director UK at LOGEX

Martijn van Wagensveld

Co-founder & Principal at LOGEX

Arun Parekkat

We are delighted to be joined by the following two presenters who both have a medical and analytical background at LOGEX:

MD Olivier Rijsenbeek, ‘What is Appropriate Care?’
Olivier will share insights on:

  • The changing perspective on care
  • Understanding and analysing process & practice variation
  • The International perspective and relevant examples from the Netherlands
  • Demo of the LOGEX Appropriate Care Monitor to pinpoint opportunities for improvement

Dr. Edward Fong-San-Pin, ‘The NHS Perspective’
Edward will share insights on:

  • The importance of GIRFT and Model Hospital in the NHS
  • NHS examples of appropriate care
  • Share lessons learned and best practices

Arun Parekkat, ‘Bridging the gap in managing constrained medicine budgets in the wake of increasing drug costs
Arun will share his perspective on:

  • Drug costs in hospital settings: why they are important
  • Major challenges in assessing & budgeting costs of medicines in UK
  • Cutting expenses the right way: linking prescription costs to treatment appropriateness 

Furthermore, Phil Garland will share insights on how the transition of ‘doing this differently’ may impact the flow of funds and how objective indicators can be established to qualify for innovative value-driven contracts with commissioners, allowing financial managers to better support their costs, budgets, and decisions towards the future.

We look forward to hosting this upcoming interactive webinar and hope to see you there!