Successful pilot for leading integrated social and healthcare with information in Kainuu

The pilot for leading integrated social and healthcare with information in Kainuu, a social and health care region in Northern Finland, has been completed successfully.

The focus of the pilot was in developing and evaluating analytical tools for managing the integrated care of over 75-year-olds.

Prodacapo’s role in the pilot, as part of a group of organizations lead by SoteDigi, was to implement customer level time-driven activity-based cost accounting with Prodacapo Costing for services designed specifically for senior citizens. Prodacapo also provided pathway analytics with Prodacapo Region for the service use of these customers throughout the social and healthcare network. Both were achieved with positive results.

For our Finnish speaking friends, the full report of the pilot can be found here.

One major finding on using Prodacapo Costing was that “The solution allowed multiple developers to run applications simultaneously, streamlining and updating their model – and thus improving productivity in a decentralized development team. The application logic itself also guided the workflow and model evolution – the application has built-in validation checks for model downloads and updates, and it guides you through bug fixes.”

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