LOGEX, Prodacapo, and Ivbar join forces to create a European market leader in advanced costing and quality analytics for healthcare

With the aim of strengthening their ability to inform and support sustainable quality improvements, transparency and efficiency in health and social care LOGEX, Prodacapo, and Ivbar have decided to join forces through the new LOGEX Group. This will create a European market leader in advanced software for analysing outcomes and costs in health and social care.

Today, the three companies all hold leading positions in their respective markets – the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Norway, UK and France. The new LOGEX Group will have unmatched capacities to support a holistic approach to improvement in health and social care through advanced analytics. It brings together leading capabilities from quality and costing analytics: 

  • LOGEX is headquartered in Amsterdam and the pacesetter in the Dutch market for costing analytics, providing advanced solutions for cost tracking, budgeting and planning in healthcare. LOGEX also comprises Value2Health and MRDM. Value2Health, being the Dutch market leader in healthcare quality analytics, specializes in giving healthcare providers, receivers or organisers, access to reliable information making it possible to improve quality and outcomes. MRDM is expert in the field of data security and privacy, extracting, linking and processing medical data.
  • Prodacapo is headquartered in Helsinki and is the market leader in Finland, Sweden and Norway in costing analytics and regional performance management for the health and social care sector. Prodacapo also has a strong presence in the UK market.
  • Ivbar is headquartered in Stockholm and is a market leader in Sweden in providing technical solutions for efficiency analytics and management of advanced payment models. Its mission is to support healthcare organisations to sustainably improve outcomes.

The new LOGEX Group will create a favourable environment to allow for the companies to develop their core competencies and product portfolio further, with the aim of providing even stronger solutions to all stakeholders in the health and social care system, including providers, payers and authorities.

“As we create a larger international group, customers will benefit from a more versatile product portfolio that meets a broader spectrum of their needs as they strive to drive improvements in their operations. Utilizing our tools to drive transparency and understanding of outcomes, resource use and costs in healthcare, will help our customers in their development, and ultimately benefit patients and society,” says Philipp Jan Flach, CEO of LOGEX Group.

As health and social care expenditure constitutes a growing share of GDP in many European markets and healthcare budgets are under pressure, the demand for tools to increase efficiency and understand patient outcomes increases. The enlarged group will offer a holistic product offering, with strong potential to address these challenges.

“The outcomes and cost-effectiveness of health and social care services are among the most important development targets for our customers. Our total offering improve substantially our customers’ possibilities in transition to value-based healthcare. Our extensive European network offers our clients the opportunities for international benchmarking collaboration,” says Kari Lappalainen, CEO of Prodacapo.

LOGEX Group will be headquartered in Amsterdam with offices across Finland, Sweden, Norway, UK, France, Czech Republic and other locations in the Netherlands. This scope of operations provides the group a broad perspective on healthcare systems in Europe.

“Broadening our geographical footprint, becoming a truly European company will create unmatched opportunities to benchmark healthcare performance across markets, regions and patient groups,” says Jonas Wohlin, CEO of IVBAR.

The new LOGEX Group will have more than 250 employees. Philipp Jan Flach will be CEO of the new group.

Further information:

Logex Group web site

Rami Kujanpää, CEO, Logex Oy (Previously Prodacapo Finland Oy) rami.kujanpaa@logex.com