How to assess the impact on production, capacity, and costs after the closing of a hospital

About the collaboration

OLVG is a hospital in the greater Amsterdam area, with locations in the East and West. OLVG has been at the heart of the city’s healthcare for over a century and a half, playing a central role in improving care and contributing to healthier living in the urban landscape of Amsterdam.

LOGEX and OLVG have been working together for over ten years. LOGEX was a key partner in providing the clarity OLVG needed to make critical decisions when merging with Sint Lucas Andreas Hospital in 2015.

The challenge

In 2018, MC Slotervaart, another city hospital in Amsterdam, was on the edge of closure. OLVG considered taking over a large part of the care and was asked to step in to safeguard the continuation of care and turned to LOGEX to assess the potential impact on OLVG’s capacity accurately, revenues and costs.

The solution

During the high-intensity run-up to MC Slotervaart’s closing, we ran multiple scenarios with the OLVG team to assess the potential impact accurately. LOGEX’s activity-based management methodology gave OLVG the clarity needed to quantify the additional resources required per department—number of clinicians, nurses, and other personnel —and help OLVG guarantee uninterrupted care delivery in Amsterdam.

LOGEX Financial Control Suite enabled OLVG to make data-driven decisions leading to the partial takeover continuation of MC Slotervaart’s care by delivering accurate, reliable information, including complex decisions on investments, prices, and required guarantees. In addition, leaning on insights from LOGEX Financial Control Suite, OLVG accomplished multiple negotiations with payers (insurers), regulators, and the municipality of Amsterdam in a short time.

Financial Control

Our Financial Control suite enables you to gain mastery over patient volumes, resources and finances for the entire organisation, leading to better financial performance—with the numbers to prove it.

We cover the full spectrum of financial and operational processes, from costing and budgeting to forecasting and contracting. 

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  • Costing
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting

Our activity-based costing model empowers you to:

Simplify cost calculations

Make cost calculations for healthcare providers that are easy to understand, apply, and optimise.

Optimise resource allocation

Allocate resources and costs to patients, care activities and episodes.

Improve through benchmarking

Benchmark unit costs with national and international peers to identify areas for improvement.

Meet regulatory standards

Deliver information to national regulators automatically and in full compliance with National Cost Collection requirements.

Our activity-based budgeting model makes it possible to:

Build and benchmark budgets

Seamlessly link volumes, resources and finances in one budget.

Anticipate and respond to future demand

Match the deployment of resources and manpower to the future demand for care.

Zero in on areas for improvement

Determine how portfolio choices impact operations, and spot areas for improvement.

Involve physicians and managers in budgeting

Bottom-up budgeting functionality facilitates collaboration with non-financial stakeholders.

Our forecasting model enables you to:

Forecast and monitor volume, revenue and cost

Stay on top of expected vs. realised volumes, revenues and costs on a near real-time basis.

Analyse and factor risk into payer contracts

Automate value-at-risk calculations for all contractual agreements with commissioners.

Leverage machine learning algorithms

Build and maintain reliable, easy-to-access forecasts based on machine learning algorithms.

Produce timely, compliant reports with ease

Deliver periodic financial results that are fully compliant with national regulations.

With insights drawn from LOGEX Financial Control Suite, OLVG was able to:

  • Quantify required additional resources and record them in an adjusted budget
  • Monitor additional care based on patient characteristics using our Forecasting model
  • Measure performance against targets and plans across the hospital from board level down to ward level, using our Budgeting model
  • Identify and take action on specific opportunities for efficiency

LOGEX Financial Control Suite provides the degree of information accuracy required for our management team and clinicians to take important strategic and operational decisions with confidence.

Jeroen van Roon, Chief Financial Officer, OLVG

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