LOGEX Innovative Contracting sets a new standard in turning data into better healthcare

LOGEX Innovative Contracting allows you link payments to real-world evidence of patient benefits and treatment outcome. It tracks current care patterns and outcomes to help shape contracts and monitoring their compliance. Our solution provides objective transparency and fosters the vital trust needed between all stakeholders.

In our recent webinar we showcased how we build and make Innovative Contracts work using LOGEX real-world data. Our experts Marjolein Nanninga (LinkedIn) and Erik Wiklund (LinkedIn) illustrated how to establish Indication Based Pricing in prostate cancer and create a Pay-for-Performance contract in breast cancer.

Webinar highlights

The transition towards innovative contracting is a stepped approach​

Maarten Halma, Field Access Manager, Roche

Building trust in the early stages is a key catalyzer – starting with simpler models like indication base pricing is the advisable practice​

Maarten Halma, Field Access Manager, Roche

Establishing one only shared ecosystem for data analytics is pivotal to success​

Maarten Halma, Field Access Manager, Roche

Our platform has two layers: firstly it creates appropriate transparency of care patters and supports design of contracts and a secondly makes it possible to monitor

Marjolein Nanninga, Head of Product, Life Science, LOGEX

Progressively building “innovative” components on top of existing schemes lowers acceptance barriers

Erik Wiklund, Head of Analytics, LOGEX

It’s not only taking but also giving

Maarten Halma, Field Access Manager, Roche

Innovative Contracting for medicines

LOGEX Innovative Contracting solution helps you monitor and benchmark your current medicine contracts and reshape them to reward value instead of volume.

LOGEX is a trusted third-party data processor for European hospitals.

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Our Innovative Contracting solution enables you to:

Monitor relevant metrics at patient cohort sub-groups

Including starters, stoppers (Kaplan Meier), switchers, treatment duration with patient case-mix filters

Set up and monitor managed entry, accelerated access schemes their monitoring

Follow-up on your contracts by monitoring KPIs and alignment with set goals (e.g., value at risk)

Assess medicine value

Evaluate achieved outcomes and compare them with costs

Kickstart your project with short timelines

Build up trust and transparency starting with a simple approach and enrich the model with advanced KPIs over time

Respond to new regulatory pressures around data-driven evidence on drug efficacy

Through the dashboard of our user-friendly tool

Get assistance in contract design

Consultation on the selection of the appropriate model with relative risks and benefits, with an option for shadow contracting

Are you ready to learn more about how innovative contracting works in practice and how LOGEX is setting the new standard?

Turning data into better healthcare, that is our mission.

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