LOGEX and partner HFMA organise a Dutch study trip for CFOs and CMOs of NHS Trusts

Group visits Dutch university hospitals to share experiences and best practices 

Amsterdam 27 June 2022 – Under the motto ‘learn from each other’, 12 CFOs and CMOs from UK hospitals will travel to the Netherlands this week. Healthcare Analytics specialist LOGEX, together with its UK partner HFMA, is organising a study trip for these professionals, during which the AUMC, Radboudumc and LOGEX analysts will host several interactive and informative sessions.  

Using data in healthcare 
During the trip, the focus will be on how data from different data sources are used in both countries to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare. There will be special attention for how financial data can contribute. This is especially relevant for these members of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA). 

Martijn van Wagensveld, co-founder of LOGEX and initiator of the study trip explains: “Although the geographical distance between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom is not great, the differences in the organisation of hospital care in both countries are. These differences offer an excellent opportunity to compare the different systems, discover best practices and learn from each other. And that is exactly what this study trip is for.” 

Paul Momber, Head of Corporate Business Development at HFMA, is also excited about the study tour: “In the UK, healthcare is centrally organised by the NHS and the NHS has great ambitions in the field of digitalisation of healthcare. But we still have some way to go and we can benefit greatly from knowledge from a frontrunner like the Netherlands. When we announced this study tour, we immediately noticed that the enthusiasm among our members to join was great. People want to take a look behind the scenes in the Netherlands and see how data is used to make healthcare better and more efficient. At the same time, Dutch hospitals can benefit from the insights their UK colleagues have on Integrated Care.” 

Benefitting from the learnings 
Both HFMA and LOGEX will -each from their own perspective- make a report of this first international study, so that the most important learnings are not only available to the attendees, but to everyone that might benefit. LOGEX will share this report on its website. HFMA will publish its report in the next edition of its magazine and on its website. In addition, key results will be shared in a session at the upcoming HFMA Annual Conference. 

Future study trips 
LOGEX strongly believes in the concept of learning from each other internationally. As the company is active in 10 European markets and works with more than 700 healthcare providers, the LOGEX ecosystem offers plenty of opportunities for this. LOGEX is currently preparing a number of international study trips together with partners. Spain is next. Here, the focus will be on controlling the costs of expensive medicines and enabling effective research. After that, Sweden is on the agenda. During that trip, the emphasis will be on regional cooperation and value-driven care. 

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