Maximize the value of your data while improving outcomes and costs.  

LOGEX Value solutions help you maximize the value of your data by combining near real-time information on outcomes and costs, and integrating analytics and payments into one seamless platform.

We enable you to dive deep into areas such as incidence, prevalence, patient pre-conditions, treatment pathways, outcomes and costs over entire cycles of care.

With all of these insights just in one place, within easy reach, your entire organization gains a whole new clarity in the way you measure, understand, and ultimately deliver care.

Easy-to-use interfaces inspire you to improve

Our Value solutions make insights visual, engaging, and inspiring to use. Easy to use interfaces focus on identifying potential areas for improvement.

Online dashboards enable management and departments to track progress in real time, and to stay motivated towards shared goals.

Benchmark and connect with peers around the world

Share knowledge between hospitals within your network, across the country, and internationally.

Connect with healthcare professionals and organizations performing well in areas you’d like to improve, while allowing others to learn from you.

Our solutions maximize value in two key domains:

Value Analytics

LOGEX Value Analytics combine near real-time information from the front line, adjusted for case mix performance, with insights from our benchmarking platform to drive improvement in both outcomes and costs.

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Our Value Analytics solutions highlight:

Opportunities for improvement

See exactly where your team is doing well, and where efforts should be targeted

Progress in improvement projects

Track shared goals as a team, showing deviation from defined targets

Potential adverse events before they happen

Get early alerts of adverse events and changes in clinical practice

Impact on outcomes and costs

See how patient characteristics and care processes interact to affect outcomes and costs

Risk groups that need timely action

Spot patients at risk of poor outcomes or high cost, so you can take proactive measures

Value Payments

LOGEX Value Payments help you manage next-generation payment models throughout healthcare systems.

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Our Value Payments solutions enable you to:

Share insights and manage contracts

Facilitate easier, more fruitful collaborations between payers and providers

Focus on value, not volume

Align multiple stakeholders’ incentives and shift the focus to value, not volume

Establish trends and patterns

Identify patterns that clearly show where to minimize cost while improving outcomes

How does it work?

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