Hospital takeover: Assessing impact for OLVG with LOGEX Continuation of care after hospital collapse

Assessing impact for OLVG with LOGEX

OLVG is a hospital in the greater Amsterdam area, with locations in the East and West. OLVG has been at the heart of the city’s healthcare for over a century and a half, playing a central role in the improvement of care and contributing to healthier living in the urban landscape of Amsterdam.

LOGEX and OLVG have been working together for over 10 years. LOGEX was a key partner in providing the clarity OLVG needed to make critical decisions when it merged with Sint Lucas Andreas Hospital in 2015.

In 2018, MC Slotervaart, another city hospital in Amsterdam, was on the brink of bankruptcy. OLVG considered taking over a large part of the care was asked to step in to safeguard continuation of care, and turned to LOGEX to accurately assess the potential impact on OLVG’s capacity, revenues and costs.

How can we measure, record and monitor the impact of additional volumes from a takeover of another hospital on our own capacity, revenues and costs?

Eva de Bres, Manager of Strategic Sales
Formerly Finance and Control Manager, OLVG

During the high-intensity run-up to MC Slotervaart’s collapse, LOGEX ran multiple scenarios with the OLVG team to accurately assess potential impact. LOGEX activity-based management methodology gave OLVG the clarity it needed to quantify the additional resources required per department—number of clinicians, nurses, and other personnel, among others—and help OLVG guarantee uninterrupted delivery of care in Amsterdam.

By delivering accurate, reliable information, LOGEX Financial solutions enabled OLVG to make data-driven decisions leading to the takeover partial continuation of MC Slotervaart’s care, including complex decisions on investments, prices, and required guarantees. Leaning on insights from LOGEX Financial solutions, OLVG accomplished multiple negotiations with payers (insurers), regulators, and the municipality of Amsterdam in a short period of time.

With insights drawn from LOGEX Financial solutions, OLVG was able to:

  • Quantify required additional resources and record them in an adjusted budget
  • Monitor additional care based on patient characteristics using our Forecasting model
  • Measure performance against targets and plans across the hospital from board level down to ward level, using our Budgeting model
  • Identify and take action on specific opportunities for efficiency

Jeroen van Roon, OLVG’s Chief Financial Officer at the time of the takeover MC Slotervaart collapse, found that LOGEX Financial solutions provide “the degree of information accuracy required for our management team and clinicians to take important strategic and operational decisions with real confidence

Clarity on clinical performance with LOGEX. 

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