How BeagleBoxx solutions help relieve the patients’ stress during a lengthy treatment at Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden

About the collaboration

The Medical Center Leeuwarden (Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden) is located south of Leeuwarden and has 653 beds. It is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands. In addition, the MCL has a regional function for the province of Friesland, the Netherlands.

The challenge

Average dialysis treatment in the hospital takes approximately 4 hours. To guarantee a pleasant patient experience, the dialysis department of the Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden wanted to offer the patients more entertainment during the treatment.

The solution

BeagleBoxx, a Brightfish solution, was selected to take up the challenge. BeagleBoxx’s mission is to increase patients’ well-being while improving efficiency & effectiveness for both the patient and the care provider. In addition, it provides a superior experience during their dialysis by providing patients with a personal distraction through entertainment and additional background information. In short, making the best possible patient experience a reality.

BeagleBoxx offers a fully managed iPad, an all-inclusive lease, solution that consisted of:

  • Managed iPads with the BeagleBoxx patient application.
  • A fully integrated Mobile Device Management solution (Jamf)
  • New bedside, wall-mounted iPads
  • Specific iPad mounts allowing former HIMAD bedside placements to be reused

The following modules were included in the BeagleBoxx app:

  • Patient entertainment including live TV, hospital broadcasting and games
  • Ward-specific Information
  • Room automation (lights, temperature, blinds, door)
  • Internet access, video calling and notification system
  • Integrated meal ordering, with connectivity to the hospital ordering systems
  • Secure connectivity to hospital EHR and hospital information systems

To improve the patient experience even more, Brightfish also included:

  • Screen protection – to prevent reflection of light in the room
  • Cardboard iPad holders that meant patients could use iPads hands-free, out of bed

  • A caching server to minimise data consumption per iPad over the internet with updates of iOS and the apps installed
  • Silicone covers (in the house style colour of the hospital) and patient headsets


The solution offers patients various entertainment items such as games, watching TV and listening to the radio. This does not make dialysis treatment any easier, but it makes it much more bearable for patients. In addition, the iPad/app is intuitive and easy for patients and nurses.

The patients also appreciate the BeagleBoxx solution, as they no longer have to buy TV time. In addition, it is now a free service.

Based on research, we can state that we contribute to more patient independence and decreased stress levels during the treatment. BeagleBoxx offers patients a contemporary solution that helps increase their well-being and experience: from the day they arrive until the day they are discharged.

Would you also like to improve the experience of your patients with Brightfish solutions?