All the insights you need to improve outcomes at a physician and patient level.

At LOGEX, we understand that the interaction between physicians and patients—and the resulting outcomes—lies at the heart of delivering care. 

Yet perspectives from both sides can be difficult to objectively quantify and analyze, resulting in missed opportunities to improve the quality of care. 

Benchmark and connect with peers around the world, driving clinical improvement and innovation

LOGEX Outcomes solutions facilitate the measurement of clinical outcomes and provide insights into the clinical performance of healthcare providers. We add value to our insights by enriching them with international benchmarking data, revealing further areas for improvement.

As a result, you get the clarity you need to make decisions you can stand by, leading to impact you can measure.

Designed by and for medical professionals

LOGEX Outcomes solutions are designed by and for medical professionals. We reduce the administrative burden on physicians by aligning our solutions with your existing care processes.

This way, physicians can focus on delivering better care, while discovering new opportunities to consistently improve the quality of care.

Our solutions evaluate three integral aspects of outcomes.

Clinical Outcomes

As the number one clinical registry technology provider in Europe, LOGEX brings clarity and insight into the clinical performance of medical professionals.

Through our partnership with ICHOM and DICA, we provide disease-specific standard registry sets for our customers. We also support the development of new registries and offer all our customers a registry-specific service desk.

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Our Clinical Outcomes solutions enable hospitals and clinics to:

Collect and analyze disease-specific data

Evaluate outcomes for 40 disease groups, zeroing in on areas for improvement.

Benchmark against peers locally and abroad

Benchmark against internationally validated clinical and administrative indicators.

Spot trends and patterns

Filter insights at specialty, diagnosis, and patient levels.

Make informed decisions to improve outcomes

Continuous data updates show areas where you can take decisive action

Patient Outcomes

Build your own intelligent data collection network with our Patient Outcomes solutions.

Our solutions combine input from your existing physician and patient apps, web portals, and EMR integrations into one centrally managed hub that’s secure, reliable, and available for analysis and reporting whenever you need it.

We track pre- and post-treatment patient-reported outcomes (PROMs) and experiences (PREMs) via internationally validated questionnaires, so you can objectively measure and analyze what patients say about the outcomes that matter most to them.

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Our Patient Outcomes solutions allow you to:

Monitor patients over time remotely

Access patient-data level anytime via your browser

Identify patients at risk

Detect potential risks, enabling timely interventions by physicians

Benchmark and learn from peers

Quantify physicians’ PROM and PREM performance locally and globally

Collect and analyze survey data

Conduct patient surveys in multiple languages via provided Apple iPads

Reduce registration burden

Leverage standard registry sets developed with ICHOM and DICA

Drug Outcomes

LOGEX empowers life science stakeholders and payers to work together towards improved drug outcomes, market access, and reimbursement.

We do this by functioning as a trusted third party for effortless and secure data sharing between the two, and by providing reliable, holistic insight into drug treatment outcomes.

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Our Drug Outcomes solutions give you the ability to:

See the big picture—and act on it

Link data on drug usage, clinical and patient outcomes seamlessly with information on costs and resource use

Establish drug performance in real-life conditions

Benchmark against relevant, real world data to identify similarities and differences

Access drug use and outcome data in near-real time

Leverage up-to-date insights, including data from patients still undergoing

Motivation, collaboration, inspiration.
All in one place, always at your fingertips.

Our Outcomes solutions are equipped with intuitive, easy to use interfaces. Online dashboards help stakeholders monitor outcomes, share insights with colleagues, track progress, and spotlight areas for improvement.

With our visual approach to sharing and presenting data, motivation, collaboration, and inspiration are easier for healthcare professionals to access than ever before.

How does it work?

We’re happy to show you how LOGEX solutions bring clarity to your data. Contact us today for a live demo.