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AMSTERDAM / KÖLN, November 10, 2021 – LOGEX, a European leader in healthcare analytics, today announces that COINS, a German market leader in hospital costing, is joining LOGEX. The transaction, closed on the 4th of November 2021, will further strengthen LOGEX’s European leadership position as a healthcare analytics provider. 

COINS currently provides costing software solutions and related products to ~140 healthcare providers across Germany. This means that the combined group will partner with more than 700 hospital clients across Europe in the area of specialised healthcare financial analytics. 

COINS and LOGEX share a vision for the role of data analytics in addressing the growing healthcare challenges that modern-day societies are facing. With aging populations, improved technological capabilities, and treatment possibilities, healthcare costs continue to rise to levels that are unsustainable. At the same time, increased transparency in reported outcomes shows significant (and unwanted) variations in the care received by patients.  

COINS and LOGEX believe the answer to these challenges can be found in the abundance of operational, financial, and outcomes data that is generated by healthcare. Sophisticated analysis of this data can uncover actionable insights that show physicians, managers, and other healthcare leaders exactly where to take strategic action, that leads to the best possible outcome at the lowest possible cost.

Philipp Jan Flach, CEO of LOGEX

Philipp Jan Flach, CEO of LOGEX

Christoph Haas, CEO of COINS AG

Philipp Jan Flach, CEO of LOGEX


LOGEX is leading the way in healthcare analytics in Europe. By turning data into actionable insights, LOGEX helps solve the complex healthcare challenge of managing costs whilst improving clinical outcomes. Headquartered in Amsterdam and with an international team of over 400 members, LOGEX helps over 700 public and private healthcare providers in Europe make data-driven decisions that level up patient outcomes everywhere and make the best possible care more affordable for everyone.


COINS is the market leader in German healthcare for InEK cost calculations. With over 9 billion euros of calculated costs every year and 140 clients, COINS offers business intelligence solutions to health providers with the mission to increase the medical and economic impact of the health system. Its product portfolio includes numerous analytic tools and software, being continuously developed by the highest technological sophistication. The key to COINS’ success is not just the pioneering technology, but the trusted relationships with its clients, lived by the 19 team members.  

For more information about COINS, please visit their website

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