We are LOGEX.

LOGEX was founded in 2008 in the Netherlands, with the aim of using advanced data analytics to help (medical) professionals in improving healthcare.  We focused on nurturing partnerships with physicians and hospitals, building on our common desire for better, more affordable care.  Thanks to our customers’ trust, LOGEX now works with over 90% of Dutch hospitals, and has become the number one benchmark for doctors in the Netherlands. 

Soon, we saw that the growing complexity faced by healthcare organisations demanded a stronger response in the Netherlands and beyond.  We decided to take on that challenge by seeking out like-minded leaders who share our vision to transform and uplift healthcare. 

Delivering impact in healthcare across Europe

In 2018, we joined forces with Value2Health and MRDM to form the LOGEX Group, enabling us to provide outcome analytics and data processing capabilities that assure our customers’ data privacy and security. 

Prodacapo and Ivbar joined us that same year, enriching our product offering with financial analytics, as well as value-based analytics and payments expertise.

The LOGEX story to date…

LOGEX was founded
LOGEX was founded in the Netherlands. Prodacapo refocuses on healthcare analytics across EU countries.
1st digital outcome registry
MRDM launches 1st digital clinical outcomes registry in partnership with DICA in the Netherlands.
Ivbar was founded
IVBAR was founded in Sweden with vision to transform value in healthcare.
Becoming national leader
LOGEX, MRDM and Value2Health to form the leading healthcare analytics player in the Netherlands.
Forming the LOGEX Group
LOGEX Group is formed from the union of LOGEX, MRDM, Value2Health, Prodacapo and Ivbar.
Expanding our presence in Europe
Our expansion delivers the most complete set of healthcare analytics solutions and enable our customers to benchmark with peers from the most advanced healthcare markets in Europe.

Moving forward as one company, united by one mission, we have come together to create a true European market leader in the field of healthcare analytics.  Our expansion—in expertise, talent, and geographic scope—enables us to meet our customers’ needs with a more robust and versatile range of analytics solutions.  We offer our customers an unmatched ability to learn, collaborate and benchmark with peers from some of the most advanced healthcare markets in the world.

Onward to better care in Europe

LOGEX is headquartered in Amsterdam, with over 300 team members working from 13 offices in 9 countries across Europe.  Over 600 public and private healthcare providers trust LOGEX, putting us at the forefront of healthcare analytics in Europe. Our solutions support over $75 billion in financial processes for healthcare organisations annually. Our presence across Europe continues to grow as we strive to meet healthcare’s need for the best possible outcomes at the lowest possible cost. 

>€100 billion

Yearly over €100B funding decisions supported


Trusted by 600 public and private healthcare providers

10 countries

More than 350 international data experts in 10 countries

>18 million

Unique patients involved in decisions via our solutions

Our mission

Our mission is to turn data into better healthcare, by empowering and bringing clarity to decisions that lead to the best possible care.  We offer advanced analytics solutions that turn data into actionable insights, resulting in decisions our customers can stand by, and impact they can measure.


Our company culture is shaped by our values. We stand by these values not only as a promise to our customers, but also as a way of working together as a team.

We bring clarity by making things simple and easy to understand.

We win together because inclusion and collaboration makes us stronger.

We create and measure impact by putting data at the heart of everything we do.

We build to scale to deliver maximum value with minimum wasted effort.

We value action over words, prioritising fast execution and continuous improvement.

We earn trust by going above and beyond to deliver best-in-class service.

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