Forbes picks up on work done by Financial Control for the Dutch Association of Hospitals (NVZ)

At the beginning of July, health insurers struck a deal with several national hospital associations on covering both the costs of COVID-19 care and hospital losses. The agreement stipulates that health insurers “neutralize” the budgetary effects of the COVID-19 crisis on hospitals’ capacity to generate revenue while reimbursing net, additional costs incurred by hospitals as a result of the coronavirus epidemic. The agreement is estimated to cost insurers around €4 billion.

At the request of the Dutch Association of Hospitals (NVZ), LOGEX has supported as a technical advisor to identify any effects and risks of the agreement. During this process, LOGEX worked closely with 8 hospitals to evaluate and understand risks and impacts on returns, costs, and results. Currently, we are active in > 40 hospitals to support them in their individual processes.

Read the full article on the Forbes website.

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