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A Data-Driven Analysis of Care Pathways for Oncological Patients with Bone Metastases at HagaZiekenhuis

HagaZiekenhuis stands as an exemplary institution of care and innovation, boasting nearly 5000 employees and 24 specialties. They are dedicated to training future doctors and nurses and aim for the highest standards in medical care.

Amgen, a leading biotechnological company in human medicines, envisions improving clinical outcomes and patient well-being through their treatments. Collaborating with all stakeholders, they sponsor this project to contribute to a more effective healthcare system.

The hospital encountered a complex challenge in treating oncological patients with bone metastases. Healthcare providers sought more insight into treatment pathways, healthcare consumption, and the utilisation of Bone Targeting Agents (BTAs), amidst a lack of standardised procedures and clear processes.

For this project, LOGEX served as a “trusted third party.” Analysing DBC and EVS data, LOGEX provided insights into patient populations, the healthcare process, and complications. This structured insight into the care pathway led to a second phase of research, delving into why some patients started BTA treatment late or were not treated at all through medical record analysis.

The analysis yielded insights into patient populations and complications. Increased awareness and analysis led to doctors becoming more engaged and adopting standardised practices. The hospital now boasts a clearly structured care pathway for oncological patients with bone metastases. For patients, this means the consideration of the right medication is embedded in the process and addressed within the specified period to optimize care. While measurable results are still in development, the impact on the workflow of doctors and nurse specialists is already noticeable.

Lessen voor Andere Zorginstellingen

  • Better documentation of healthcare processes is crucial.
  • Let data and facts guide decisions instead of assumptions.
  • The use of data can support significant improvements in healthcare processes and create awareness.

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