Get clarity on relative access to medication 

Medicines are an essential part of the cure or management of many illnesses. When administered well, they can play an important role in achieving high quality of life for patients. But are medicines available to everyone, everywhere, equally? 

LOGEX’s – International Comparison Medicines Uptake 2021 report to NHS England & NHS Improvement developed in collaboration with IVM (The Dutch Institute of Rational Use of Medicine) the International Medicines Uptake Comparator (IMUC) a medicines uptake measurement metric based on a unique methodology which uses open-source data. It is a significant advance in medicines uptake measurement and aims to provide objective clarity on, medicines uptake levels compared to other countries. This report empowers decision-making to optimise access to medication and making the best possible care accessible and more affordable for everyone.

The main advantages of the International Medicines Uptake Comparator are:


To receive actionable insights into relative uptake of medicines for dedicated patient groups


To gain objective clarity and predictability on medicine budgets


To deliver impact by improvements in equitable access to medication by partnerships between governments and industry supported by comparative medicines uptake measurement across multiple health economies

Looking into medicines uptake in the context of the 2019 Voluntary Scheme for Branded Medicines Pricing and Access

The International Comparison Medicines Uptake 2021 report to NHS England & NHS Improvement with its unique uptake measurement methodology delivers fresh, new insights into the uptake levels of medicines for 5 high health gain areas of interest to England:   

  1. Cystic fibrosis 
  2. Severe asthma 
  3. Smoking cessation with varenicline
  4. Atrial fibrillation & thromboembolism
  5. Hepatitis C 

Read The International Comparison Medicines Uptake 2021 report in full 

The report compares England to ten European countries. The methodology focusses on an ideal metric that calculates the number of eligible patients treated with a specific medicine divided by the number of eligible patients, while also allowing for alternatives depending on the availability of open-source data and Real-World Data made available to LOGEX. 

Medicines uptake in England is higher than other European countries for patients with cystic fibrosis and hepatitis C, but lower for severe asthma and of varenicline for smoking cessation.

Do you want to see how other countries are performing, with more depth? Download the report, it’s free.