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How Adelante makes their budgeting process more efficient and effective with LOGEX Budgeting

Adelante is a care group for rehabilitation, special education and audiology. For over 50 years, the rehabilitation center has meant a lot for rehabilitation medicine in the Netherlands and especially for rehabilitation patients in Limburg. With a focus on research and innovation, Adelante is a progressive care institution, accessible to everyone who needs it. Adelante, like a large number of other rehabilitation institutions, uses the LOGEX unit cost analysis on behalf of the NZa.

Adelante opted for LOGEX Budgeting solution to get a better grip on the balance between revenues and costs in the budgeting process. As existing users of LOGEX Costing they have now linked LOGEX Budgeting solution to gain even more insight into their financial process.

Before working with LOGEX Financial Analytics, Adelante worked – as many other organisations do – with separate spreadsheets. This increased the risk of working with the wrong data or budget version, and it made handling a clear overview of the costs much more difficult. It left Adelante with a budgeting process that was very time-consuming whilst management struggled to have on-time insight into the company’s performance.

Robert Hooghiemstra, Director of Advice, Policy and Control at Adelante wanted to streamline this entire process, to help management be better informed of the financial situation during the budgeting process and able to make more accurate budgets.

Robert Hooghiemstra, Director of Advice, Policy and Control (Adelante)

Robert Hooghiemstra, Director of Advice, Policy and Control (Adelante)

LOGEX Financial Analytics combines LOGEX’s Costing, Budgeting and Forecasting solutions enabling you to gain mastery over patient volumes, resources and finances for the entire organisation, leading to better financial performance – with the numbers to prove it.

With our Costing and Budgeting solution, Adelante could easily and efficiently collect and control data. Because the solutions are directly linked, there is no need to fill in data twice or to upload it separately.

In addition, managers are much more involved in drawing up the budget because they have insight into the most important data – in real time.

At LOGEX, we understand that getting a grip on your data and performance should be a rewarding endeavour.

Our models give you clarity and control over your operational and financial performance. Clarifying costs and optimising processes will be easier than ever!

  • An improvement of 4 on a scale of 5 in terms of gaining insight into data
  • Elimination of a large number of spreadsheets (with risk of errors)
  • Smooth calculation of capacity planning.
  • Up-to-date budget information is always accessible for all stakeholders.
  • No more ambiguity about versions.
  • The ability to work with and switch between scenarios quickly and easily
  • Always a connection between FTEs/employees and financial budget.

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