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How LOGEX helps Amphia and medical specialists to monitor progress against budget

The Amphia hospital in Breda is a large top clinical hospital.  Besides patient care, the Amphia hospital also focuses on training, education and research. It is a member of the Collaborating Hospitals for Top Clinical Training (STZ – Samenwerkende Topklinische opleidingsZiekenhuizen). LOGEX has been providing support to Amphia since 2020 to increase its grip on the P&C cycle. 

The medical specialists at Amphia are not employees of Amphia, but instead, they work together in a Medical Specialist Company called MSB Amphia. LOGEX has supported the MSB Amphia since 2012 with the distribution of fees and issues surrounding the capacity of medical specialists.   

For some time now, MSB Amphia and the hospital have worked very closely together on management issues. For example, there are many joint consultation tables, there is one joint management board, and there is full transparency between the two partners. 

Until 2018, MSB Amphia used the benchmark as a steering tool. Departments were – among other criteria – rewarded based on productivity relative to that benchmark. 

A good benchmark result was achieved by the medical specialists in 2018. However, the total volume of care deviated from the contract agreements with insurers: As a result, the hospital budget was not met, and available contract space remained unused.  

An evaluation process made clear that the medical specialists and individual departments of the hospital were unaware of the precise agreements that the hospital had made with insurers. In addition to that, there was no process in place to monitor the care provided in relation to the budget. It was, therefore, impossible to make timely choices regarding policy and required capacity.  

LOGEX Forecasting, which is part of the LOGEX Financial Analytics Suite, offers the option of a monthly forecast, so could help with this challenge. With these monthly overviews, medical specialists at Amphia can monitor the development of revenue and medical specialist capacity. This allows them to make timely adjustments where needed.  

This way, the hospital and the medical specialists have the same insights and can steer their operations based on the same plan. In short: they are now more like-minded than ever before.  

Philip Bos , Director MSB, Amphia

Philip Bos , Director MSB, Amphia
  • The hospital, MSB Amphia and the different hospital departments prepare a joint production budget using the LOGEX Budgeting. 
  • LOGEX Forecasting provides monthly forecasts of hospital revenue, costs and expected (medical specialist) capacity.  
  • These prognoses are used by controllers and departments to measure the development of patient care in relation to the budget.
  • With this, the hospital and departments can jointly decide to make timely adjustments, if necessary.  

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