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How LOGEX supported departments and wards at Rivierenland Hospital to better manage their budgets

Hospital Rivierenland (ZRT) is a regional hospital with Catholic and Protestant roots that was formed in 1982 by the merger of 4 small hospitals, based in Tiel, the Netherlands.

ZRT feels a strong connection with the region and has cleverly tailored its strategy and contractual agreements with insurers by focusing on the right care in the right place and appropriate care.

LOGEX supports the hospital and MSB to execute this strategy as well as possible by means of complete registration and the integrated provision of management information for departments.

In the period up to 2020, the organisation was unable to effectively implement the strategy, which involves various types of agreements with insurers.

The involved teams could not get direct access to the data needed to actively steer and these were not linked to each other, which meant that it was always a search for the full picture.

Departments did not always steer towards the same result that was contractually defined, which led to complicated situations.

With the use of LOGEX Financial Analytics we set up a system to reduce the time spent on registration, data delivery and the manual creation of steering information such as budgets and forecasts.

The involved teams now have more time and insight to implement the strategy intelligently.

Departments and wards receive the latest insights via online dashboards and manage on the same plan, using the same insights and forecasts: Automatically and data-driven.

Bas ten Dam, Manager Finance & Control, ​
Purchasing and sales, Ziekenhuis Rivierenland

Bas ten Dam, Manager Finance & Control, ​
Purchasing and sales, Ziekenhuis Rivierenland
  • Data is automatically unlocked, checked and supplemented for registration backlogs and made available online
  • Departments and units prepare a joint production, staffing and financial budget (LOGEX Budgeting)
  • Users receive monthly insight at a central location into the forecast of sales, costs and expected (medical specialist) capacity
  • This enables departments and divisions to monitor patient care and to give the best possible substance to the agreements with health insurers.

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