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Turning data into better healthcare

We transform healthcare data into actionable insights to help decision-makers, regulators and clinicians optimise the healthcare they provide.  

Optimising Healthcare

For over a decade, LOGEX has been supporting passionate clinicians, healthcare providers, regulators, researchers, and life science companies across Europe to deliver the best care they can. These healthcare professionals face limited resources and ever-changing variables, forcing them to constantly make difficult decisions that genuinely affect humans.

Our products and services facilitate these decisions to be much more data-driven, empowering healthcare decision-makers. We’re trusted allies, working alongside our clients to enhance the health ecosystem and positively impact the most meaningful value chain there is. Join us in our journey to optimise healthcare, one data-driven decision at a time.

The LOGEX story to date…

Our mission

Our mission is to turn data into better healthcare, by empowering and bringing clarity to decisions that lead to the best possible care.  We offer advanced analytics solutions that turn data into actionable insights, resulting in decisions our customers can stand by, and impact they can measure.

Driven by data, powered by people

Our team of over 400 international experts—managers, consultants, data scientists, analysts, and experts in technology, healthcare economics, medicine, mathematics and statistics—are valued for building long-term, mutually fulfilling partnerships with all our customers. We recognise that by investing in our people, we invest in our success.

Our leadership team consistently propels LOGEX forward by simultaneously challenging and supporting each individual, providing transparent, real communication, and ensuring our values remain at the heart of everything we do.

Philipp Jan Flach

Chris Holden

Merten Slominsky

Neil Greathead

Andrew Woodward

Our company culture is shaped by our values. We stand by these values not only as a promise to our customers, but also as a way of working together as a team.

We bring clarity by providing a consistent feedback loop with healthcare professionals to ensure our analysis is valuable and useful. This facilitates data-driven decision-making and enables us to work together to improve healthcare.

Dionne Matthew
Hospital Network Lead, RWD

We win together through our dedication to delivering insights that benefit every healthcare stakeholder. We are united in our mission to enhance the patient journey and foster a better healthcare experience.

Abdelrahman Elsharkawy
Business Development, RWD

We create and measure impact by ensuring that every technological advancement we introduce directly enhances patient care and optimises processes. It’s about going beyond mere data analysis to foster real, positive change in the industry, making every decision and innovation count towards better, faster, and more efficient healthcare outcomes.

Maher Kurdi
Engineering Team Lead/Senior Software Developer

We build to scale so that we can reach and help as many healthcare providers as we can. For our team, it means creating a sustainable environment, preparing everyone for the future, and ensuring our processes are streamlined. This way, our employees can focus more on solving complex problems —the stuff that really matters.

Inge Baarveld
HR Director

We value action over words by prioritising fast execution and continuous improvement. We use scrum and roadmaps to focus on further improvement of our products & tools, including alignment with the new technologies next to the new requested functionalities.

Lotte Ruchtie
Product Owner, Group Data & Analytics

We earn trust by consistently adding streamlined, transparent, and audible data management capabilities within our solutions so that healthcare professionals are in control of their valuable data.

Ekaterina Shimanovskaya
Product Owner/Platform Lead

Join our global team of passionate experts at LOGEX to advance healthcare through data science, medicine, mathematics, statistics, and software development.


Our team of data analytics experts is growing fast. Will you be part of it?


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