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Clinical Registry

Connect Today, Analyse Tomorrow.

Our custom-built Clinical Registry platform makes it easy for healthcare providers worldwide to collect, process and analyse their outcomes data, and deploy those findings towards better healthcare.

Set up a clinical registry today, to evaluate and improve the care you provide.

  • Clear Reporting
  • Smart Algorithms
  • Simple Data Collection 

Clear Reporting

Using patient-reported data in patient interaction promotes data collection compliance and increases patient engagement – Our tools are built for and geared up to support that. 

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Our patient-facing solution not only collects  Patient-Reported Data but also feeds it back to the user through intuitive dashboards. Where relevant accompanied by peer group comparisons.

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Smart Algorithms

Our solution employs advanced algorithms to transform data into relevant information and valuable insights for improvement.

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Simple Data Collection

Our platform enables low-burden data collection through automation, adopting international standards and re-using central data-sources.      

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Clinical Registry platform

The Clinical Registry platform is deployed to securely collect, process, and analyse various national and international health outcome datasets to enable healthcare providers to benchmark and improve outcomes.

Platform in numbers

Outcome Sets

Healthcare Providers

Platform users

Patient Records

Organisations we support in their work

In the Netherlands, we operate through MRDM, a trusted third-party processor of healthcare data.

ICHOM is a non-profit organisation and undisputed authority in developing global standards for the measurement of outcomes. ICHOM has published 39 Sets of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures that cover >50% of the worldwide disease burden.

The Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing (DICA) is a non-profit organisation originating from medical professional organisations. Working closely together with all national stakeholders in healthcare, DICA collects and delivers quality information to-and-from medical professionals, patients, and institutes.

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) is a Dutch knowledge and research institute dedicated to promoting public health and a healthy and safe living environment.

The European Reference Network (ERN) is a virtual network comprised of healthcare professionals spread around Europe. They tackle complex or rare diseases and conditions that necessitate highly specialised treatment and a concentration of knowledge and resources. ERN facilitates the exchange of knowledge between healthcare professionals across borders.

Paediatric Intensive Care Evaluation is establishing a permanent registration of anonymised data regarding children in intensive care, which will provide insight into the type and severity of their illness, the treatment, and the outcome. This will also facilitate research after approval and subject to the agreements in the Privacy Regulations.

HemoNED is the Dutch Hemophilia Register of people with haemophilia and related disorders in the Netherlands. The Register improves the quality of care for these people by continuously registering, compiling, and comparing data about their illness, treatment, and treatment outcomes. Patients with home treatment register their medication and bleeding in a digital logbook, which is directly accessible to both patient and practitioner.

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