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LOGEX solutions lead to real, measurable impact on cost, outcomes, and value. Let our customers tell you how.

Helping hospitals and a top-tier pharma company establish innovative medicines pricing to improve patient outcomes and reward value instead of volume

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Erasmus MC upgraded as the first client to the new Costing Solution and is seeing the benefits of the integrated LOGEX Financial Control Platform

Erasmus MC, Rotterdam

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National financial impact analysis for a COVID-19 Compensation agreement

Dutch Hospital Association (Nederlanse Vereniging van Ziekenhuizen, NVZ)

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DICA insights improve results for a great variety of clinical conditions

The Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing (DICA)

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Guarantee continuation of care: LOGEX assesses impact on production, capacity and costs for OLVG after closing of a neighboring general hospital

Eva de Bres, Finance and Control Manager, OLVG

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Creating impact for SAZ through value driven care program with LOGEX

Dutch Association of Cooperating Hospitals

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