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Real-World Evidence

Real-World Insight, One Data Point at a Time.

We unlock the value of real-world data by connecting hospitals, clinicians, governmental organisations, and life science organisations. We enable them to securely share anonymised data to uncover valuable treatment insights and support data-based decision-making.

Turning data into better healthcare starts with breaking down existing data siloes.

  • Low-Burden Data Platform 
  • Break Down Silos

Low-Burden Data Platform 

LOGEX offers a robust, pan-European platform that converts different types of hospital and patient data into real-world evidence. We prepare, pre-validate, and harmonise them to a common data model.

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The Actionable Real World Evidence Network (ARWEN) is a quickly expanding pan-European network clinical stakeholders that believe in making data-driven and evidence-based decisions when caring for patients.

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Break Down Siloes

Healthcare data is siloed, preventing the creation of insights around existing and new treatments in a real-world setting. We support you in breaking down these siloes and generating more meaningful Real-World Data.

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Real-World Evidence packages

All our Real-World Evidence packages come with tailored service bundles and optional add-on packages that help you unlock and transform siloed data into real-world evidence.

Drug Uptake

Getting insights into the uptake of a specific drug

  • What is the volume of patients with the associated disease?
  • How many of those are eligible for the drug?
  • How many patients and which type of patients are prescribed the drug?

Standard of care

Getting insights into how a certain patient group is currently getting treated in hospitals.

  • What are the most common treatment pathways and what is the variation within the treatment pathways?
  • At what point in their care pathway are those patients receiving a specific drug and which dosage they are receiving?
  • How is the adherence to guidelines?
  • Where is room for improvement?
  • Are there unmet needs?

Treatment effectiveness

Getting insights into the clinical outcomes and costs of specific treatments.

  • What are the clinical outcomes of a certain treatment pathway?
  • What are the associated costs?
  • What is the effectiveness of different treatments?
  • Are there specific patient characteristics that impact the effectiveness of treatment?
  • How does the effectiveness of different treatments compare with clinical trial results?

ARWEN Network

ARWEN is the Actionable Real World Evidence Network, created by LOGEX to unlock the value of real-world data by connecting forward-thinking hospitals and clinicians and enabling benchmarking, collaboration, and simplifying the sharing of treatment insights across different healthcare systems.​

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