Assista joins LOGEX Group

LONDON, October 4th, 2021 – LOGEX, a European leader in healthcare analytics, today announces that Assista, a leading patient level costing software provider in the UK, is joining the LOGEX Group. The deal, signed on September 1st, will strengthen the strategic position of LOGEX, especially in the UK healthcare market. With Assista as part of the LOGEX Group, the company will now service 69 UK NHS Trusts and nearly double its UK costing and data analytics team to 21 members.

“Today’s challenges on cost control within healthcare worldwide and in the NHS specifically are unprecedented. We need to solve the complex healthcare challenge of managing costs whilst retaining access to healthcare for the entire population. Costing information will play an essential role in identifying variations in productivity, cost efficiency and treatment decisions. Together with Assista, we today already service 69 NHS Trusts in the UK. We support our clients to turn costing data into actionable insights with strong benchmarks that allow for greater efficiency of healthcare,” said Philipp Jan Flach, CEO of LOGEX.

“Healthcare and especially the NHS is a highly complex sector, in which I think you can only be successful with in-depth expertise and a clear focus. In LOGEX we have found a knowledgeable partner with extensive development resources and the same focus and dedication. By joining forces, we will be able to offer our clients the next generation of costing technology, including an extremely useful activity-based budgeting model, on top of the high-quality products and support our clients are used to. This allows us to make a real difference for finance professionals, management and clinicians, allowing them to do their important work in the best possible way and improve patient care in the UK whilst improving cost efficiency,” said James Wilson, Managing Director at Assista.


LOGEX is leading the way in healthcare analytics in Europe. By turning data into actionable insights, LOGEX helps solve the complex healthcare challenge of managing costs whilst improving clinical outcomes. Headquartered in Amsterdam and with an international team of over 400 members, LOGEX helps over 600 public and private healthcare providers make data-driven decisions that level up patient outcomes everywhere and make the best possible care more affordable for everyone.

About Assista 

Assista was established in 2004 by former NHS finance staff in order to provide specialised support to NHS finance departments. Since then they have provided advice, practical support and software to nearly 200 NHS organisations across provider, commissioner and regulator perspectives. From their base in Liverpool they service NHS clients across the whole of the UK through the provision of both remote and on-site support. Assista recognizes that every NHS organisation has its own unique mix of challenges and they have always tailored their solutions to client needs, rather than to a prescribed approach. Assista currently supplies and supports 41 NHS organisations with costing and income software. For more information about Assista, visit