How the LOGEX Capacity Model provides transparent and incentivising remuneration for Gynaecology Department at Red Cross Hospital  

About the collaboration

The Red Cross Hospital (Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis) in Beverwijk is a general hospital for the Midden-Kennemerland and IJmond region of the Netherlands.

More than 100 specialists work as freelancers and contracted staff at the Red Cross Hospital. More than half of the specialist groups in the Red Cross Hospital are contracted. 

The Gynaecology department treats more than 4,300 unique gynaecological and obstetric patients yearly. The medical specialist staff consists of five contracted gynaecologists.  

The challenge

With the national introduction of integrated pricing and formation of an Integrated Birth Care Organisation (IGO), the Gynaecology specialty group was given the choice to switch to salaried status. This switch was stimulated by the hospital and obstetric partnership (VSV) to ensure optimal organisational cooperation.  

Through discussions with the Board of Directors and insisted on an AMS+ regulation as a condition for the switch from private practice to employment. Next to the regular employment conditions for medical specialists (AMS), we have made additional agreements about quality and productivity.  

The solution

We monitor productivity with the LOGEX Capacity Management tool. We also measure the quality of care via nursing quality indicators and NPS/CQ scores of the professional group. Both weigh in for the realisation and the component on top of the conditions in the AMS.  

This agreement applies to the specialists who switched at the time and to new colleagues in the speciality group. 

This agreement gives us ‘skin in the game’ and increases involvement in the management and monitoring of quality of care.

Gabriela Dias Pereira, Gynaecologist Red Cross Hospital

Financial Control

Our Financial Control suite enables you to gain mastery over patient volumes, resources and finances for the entire organisation, leading to better financial performance—with the numbers to prove it.

We cover the full spectrum of financial and operational processes, from costing and budgeting to forecasting and contracting. 

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  • Costing
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting

Our activity-based costing model empowers you to:

Simplify cost calculations

Make cost calculations for healthcare providers that are easy to understand, apply, and optimise.

Optimise resource allocation

Allocate resources and costs to patients, care activities and episodes.

Improve through benchmarking

Benchmark unit costs with national and international peers to identify areas for improvement.

Meet regulatory standards

Deliver information to national regulators automatically and in full compliance with National Cost Collection requirements.

Our activity-based budgeting model makes it possible to:

Build and benchmark budgets

Seamlessly link volumes, resources and finances in one budget.

Anticipate and respond to future demand

Match the deployment of resources and manpower to the future demand for care.

Zero in on areas for improvement

Determine how portfolio choices impact operations, and spot areas for improvement.

Involve physicians and managers in budgeting

Bottom-up budgeting functionality facilitates collaboration with non-financial stakeholders.

Our forecasting model enables you to:

Forecast and monitor volume, revenue and cost

Stay on top of expected vs. realised volumes, revenues and costs on a near real-time basis.

Analyse and factor risk into payer contracts

Automate value-at-risk calculations for all contractual agreements with commissioners.

Leverage machine learning algorithms

Build and maintain reliable, easy-to-access forecasts based on machine learning algorithms.

Produce timely, compliant reports with ease

Deliver periodic financial results that are fully compliant with national regulations.

At LOGEX, we understand that getting a grip on your data and performance should be rewarding.

Our models give you clarity and control over your operational and financial performance. Clarifying costs and optimising processes will be easier than ever!

Impact created with LOGEX Capacity Model

  • LOGEX Capacity Model offers the department a realistic and transparent model for rewarding productivity and quality of care.  
  • The speciality group has transitioned from free agency to employment, but because of this agreement, the difference in practice is virtually zero – and the transition has been smooth.  
  • We retain our say and freedom in the organisation of patient care. As a result, there is a great deal of awareness of managing hospital costs and efficiency, among other things.  

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