Data Management

Secure, private, high quality data is the foundation of actionable insight.

To make confident healthcare decisions, you need data you can rely on: reliable, trustworthy, and free of error. LOGEX Data Management facilitates and protects the extraction and processing of healthcare data using international standards (e.g. HL7 FHIR, ICD), assuring its utmost quality, privacy and security.

We comply with security and privacy standards to ensure that your data functions as a meaningful and relevant source of insights for all the critical decisions you make. LOGEX Data Management is trusted by healthcare organizations throughout Europe to collect and process medical data on their behalf


LOGEX Data Management supports the extraction of data using primary sources and systems (e.g. DWH) where possible. Our connectivity services encrypt and transport data seamlessly between healthcare systems and our validated and secure platform. We make your data work for you, without interrupting the way you work. 

That means no time wasted on additional administrative tasks like doing paperwork—just business as usual.

Data Quality

LOGEX Data Management ensures the validity, uniformity, and reliability of your data, giving you a single point of truth from which to make data-driven decisions toward improving the quality of care. Our advanced validation engines qualify data according to medical and technical validation rules and established with the help of specialists in medicine and statistics.

Our independent verification services identify discrepancies and report potential errors immidiatly, leading to higher data quality.

Data security and privacy

LOGEX Data Management deploys data security and privacy by design. Our dedicated information security office monitors security procedures in-depth, assuring your data is safe and secure. We support multiple user authorization levels so that you have always have control over the privacy and transparency of your data.

We are fully GDPR compliant and ISO27001 certified.

How does it work?

We’re happy to show you how LOGEX solutions bring clarity to your data. 

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