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Inpatient Comfort

How do I make my admitted patients feel at ease in my clinic while optimising clinical work?

Provide a superior bedside experience by giving patients visibility of their inpatient schedule and vastly improved options to inform and entertain them.

Introducing the Triple E concept:
EngageEducate and Entertain.


Engage patients in the care process by sharing relevant information from your EHR and involving them in relevant, personalised surveys about Quality of Life (i.e. pain scores) or Quality of Care (NPS, PREM, etc.).


Educate patients about their treatment plans and their specific condition or disorder, helping to facilitate the best possible patient and medical outcome. 


Entertain patients with a comprehensive entertainment package (including television, radio, magazines and games), helping them feel more at home. 

Bedside tablets are at the core of our BeagleBoxx solution

  • Today’s information in one single glance
  • Entertainment as if you are at home
  • Education and information whilst waiting

Today’s information in one single glance

Give patients a clear overview of their day, in one single glance and at the tip of their fingers. Our solutions allow them to quickly see what is planned for the day. We can provide you with dashboards that show a wide selection of useful information: from newly received lab results to the overall care process.

By making these insights digital and easily accessible at any time and from anywhere, we can guarantee maximum flexibility – for patients and medical professionals.

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Entertainment as if you are at home

Entertainment is a vital part of the patient experience. It consists of a very wide range of options such as TV, movies, newspapers, books, magazines, and games.

Our Bedside Service concept is a modern replacement of the current entertainment systems – such as TVs or Bedside Terminals. Everything is neatly managed in our Mobile Device Management system so you don’t have to worry about it.

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Education and information whilst waiting

Patients can spend a lot of time waiting. To keep them entertained with modern media is one quick win to increase the patient experience. But why not also offer education and information about the patient’s condition?  Our solutions offer the possibility to add relevant and personalised content about their disease, treatment and rehabilitation. This content is just static in nature. We also enable more dynamic content such as references to the web, videos, 3D animations and even disease-specific games.

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