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Pathways Professional

How do I remotely monitor, engage and educate my patients? 

Provide educational content about the treatment process, generate insights through engaging Quality of Life surveys, and integrate wearables for remote monitoring. Everything from the Basic and Advanced is also included in the Professional package.

With our intuitive web interface for Patients, Pathways Professional engages your patients while they are still at home 

Unleash the potential of patient engagement through our Professional Package, compatible with Android/Apple (add-on required) and web-based devices. Grant patients secure access to their health records, effortlessly transfer wearable data to EMR, report on Quality of Life, and complete surveys (PROMs) from the comfort of home. 

These features seamlessly build upon the ‘Advanced’ and ‘Professional’ integration capabilities, ensuring not only a streamlined IT experience for healthcare professionals but also real-time data access empowerment for patients. Upgrade to LOGEX Pathways Advanced for Patients and redefine the landscape of patient-centric care. 


  • Digital pathways
  • Remote monitoring
  • Real-time feedback
  • Engage the patient at home
  • Use wearables for remote monitoring and support healthy behaviour
  • Dynamic treatment room dashboards

Digital pathways

Customise digital pathways to meet your specific needs. Include automated PRO tracks relevant to your services, offer detailed appointment information, and provide educational content and practical need-to-knows for patients in support of the next step in their treatment plan.

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Remote monitoring

Capture patient-reported daily logs on symptoms such as pain, itching, fatigue, or treatment side effects after patients are dismissed from the hospital. Deploy wearables to help you collect additional information on a patient’s physical condition. 

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Real-time feedback

Send relevant notifications – at set intervals and with specific content – to patients to ensure maximum data collection compliance. Create feedback charts that provide patient-friendly insights into their recovery trajectory with – where possible and available – national reference data sets for additional context. 

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Engage the patient at home

Extend your EMR to remote settings to allow patients to view lab results, physician notes or treatment plans in the comfort of their own homes. With the LOGEX Pathways patient-portal, patients can securely view entries from your existing EMR.

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This access is carefully controlled, requires two-factor authentication and can only be activated after patients have identified themselves as their health care provider. You will remain in full control over what patients can see or access. 

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Use wearables for remote monitoring and support healthy behaviour

Include Wearables, ResearchKit, Quantified Self, and HealthKit in your EMR where physicians can review it in the context of lab results and radiology reports. The LOGEX Pathways professional packages makes it possible to unlock the valuable data & insights captured by patient-owned smart in support of better patient experiences.  

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Dynamic treatment room dashboards

Integrated into your local EMR if required – ensure that your treatment team can keep up-to-date with all the available data.

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