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Pathways Basic

How do I start with just the basics for Patient Outcome and Experience data collection? 

Kickstart your PROMs and PREMs measurements without intricate IT integrations. Our Basic package includes standard content from our libraries, enabling quick initiation of outcome measurement initiatives. Patients effortlessly complete standard questionnaires and physicians gain basic data views for easy evaluation or can export data if needed. 

Experience our standardised, multi-language, and multi-platform survey module tailored for patients. The Pathways platform empowers you to deploy validated questionnaires seamlessly across various medical fields while also supporting you to maintain your own digital brand identity and web-domain. It is available in web-based format and as a native app (add-on required). 

Enhance patient understanding with educational content snippets linked to questionnaires, accessible through our standardised patient dashboard, available after a secure patient login procedure. 

Our solutions adhere to scientific guidelines and the practicalities of your daily operations. To support this, the Basic package also offers customisable time schedules for questionnaire measurements and the flexibility to set up branded reminder templates, tailored to your healthcare professional needs. 

Streamline your data collection processes and review outcomes with our interface for professionals.

  • Support your Registry Managers
  • Quality Manager comparison overview
  • Treatment room dashboards

Support your Registry Managers

Optimise data collection efforts with the LOGEX Pathways’ Registry Manager interfaces. Manage invites, response rates, and much more, streamlining the process to boost compliance rates for effective healthcare initiatives.

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Quality Manager comparison overview

Explore our Quality Manager dashboard for department, specialty, or disease group-level insights. Uncover averages, standard deviations, and trends over time, sparking discussions for effective healthcare delivery. 

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Treatment room dashboards

Make data collection actionable with our patient-centric overview page, offering a snapshot of Quality of Life metrics and detailed feedback. Empower medical professionals to understand patients better, enhancing care and treatment.

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Compare your outcomes with National Outcome Monitors or join one of the international registries 

LOGEX Pathways enables you to join outcome comparisons across various health care providers. Whether you are looking to compare departments in your organisation or your provision of care with other organisations, we can help you do that in quick and efficient ways. Our solutions can connect to one another to exchange statistical, non-personal data in full compliance with GDPR.   

Our PROMs and PREMs solutions also support and service local data extraction, collection, and reporting to national and international outcome registries (DICA, LROI, NVA, ICHOM and many others). 

Would you like the data in our systems to service other areas? No problem! Our data warehouse APIs have various options to extract and/or export our data into other tools in your environment. 

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