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Outpatient Native

How do I engage my patients through their mobile devices?

Unlock patient engagement through the convenience of mobile apps, empowering individuals on their personal devices. Harness the capabilities of mobile native operating systems, including seamless wearable integrations, configurable native action tests utilising smartphone sensors, real-time push notifications, photo capture functionalities, and a myriad of other advanced features.


Secure Access with Touch or Face ID

Ensure a seamless and secure login experience for your patients. Our mobile apps offer the convenience of touch or face ID, prioritising user-friendly interactions and safeguarding sensitive health information. 


Health Ecosystem Integrations

Seamlessly connect with the broader health ecosystem by integrating with Apple Health and Google HealthConnect. Gain a comprehensive view of patients’ health data, allowing for more informed and personalised care. Connect effortlessly to wearables, extending the reach of health data and promoting a holistic approach to well-being. 


Visual Documentation through Photo Capture

Empower patients to communicate effectively by capturing photos of symptoms or relevant documents directly through the app. This feature streamlines communication between patients and healthcare professionals, leading to more accurate diagnoses and personalised care plans. 


Built-in Active Tests with Smartphone Sensors

Leverage native app active tests that employ smartphone sensors to deduce quality of life or intensity of symptoms for patient-specific conditions. Examples include fitness levels for chemo therapy, pain-free walking distance, gait analysis for orthopedic or rheumatic conditions and accelerometer-based exercises for mobility assessment. 


Timely Interaction with Push Notifications

Stay connected with your patients in real-time through push notifications. Whether it’s appointment reminders, medication alerts, or important updates, enhance the daily healthcare experience by keeping patients informed and engaged. 

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